IranRoute Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to IranRoute website. IranRoute PJSC (hereinafter “IranRoute”), also referred to by terms “we” “us” “our” is an online travel platform, helping you tailor your trip across popular traveling routes, in the geographical area covered by our services. The facilities provided by us to our clients and users (“you”) can be accessed by the website and our related application.
By accessing IranRoute website and application or using its services, you agree that you have read, understood and accept our terms and conditions (hereinafter “terms” also “agreement”) as well as our privacy policies (hereinafter “policies”), and that you are legally bound by them. These terms and policies are applicable even if you are not a registered user of our website. If you do not accept these terms and/or policies, you do not have the right to access the contents of the website and application and/or use our services.
We reserve the right to modify the terms and policies of our website. Modifications as such will be announced to our users via the email address provided during registration. Please be sure to read this agreement carefully and regularly as you are bound by it and literally any change made to it. At the end of the present page you can find the date of the last revise made into these terms.

Use of the Website

By using this website and application, you guarantee:
a. All information provided by you applies to you as a person and is accurate.
b. You will not share your login information with anyone else and take absolute responsibility for your account activity.
c. You are 18 years old or higher.
d. You are capable of committing to this agreement and using this website and application in terms of law.
e. You will use IranRoute services to make legitimate reservations for yourself or someone you are legally allowed to act for.
f. You will not copy, reproduce, imitate, translate, transmit, transfer, edit, change, advertise, publish, misrepresent, own, abuse, misuse, or have claims against any kind of information provided on the website.

Prohibited Activities

IranRoute holds the content of the website and application as well as the infrastructure used for making information and services available its own property. While printable information regarding the details of your trip, such as travel itinerary, visa, insurance, hotel and flight ticket bookings can be copied to be used for your trip, you agree not to copy, claim, display, transfer, translate, license, imitate, modify, abuse, misuse, distribute, reproduce, transmit, publicize, publish, perform, derive from, and sell or resell the content, software, services, products and information of our website and application.

In addition to this, we find illegal
  • any use of our content for commercial purposes;
  • using any kind of automated means or manual processes concerning our website, application, content and/or services for whatever purpose without a written or any kind of express authorization from us;
  • making fraudulent, false or speculative reservations and making demands in consequence;
  • retrieving datamining or indexing content and services, bypassing protective preventive and limiting measures taken by us, creating deep-links to any section of the website or our services without our written and express permission;
  • mirroring, framing and including any section of this website and application elsewhere without our written or express consent;
  • breaking, modifying, translating, reversing the software used by our website and application and/or committing any action that will contradict with the ownership rights of IranRoute.
  • violate the restrictions in any robot exclusion headers on this Website or bypass or circumvent other measures employed to prevent or limit access to this Website
  • take any action that imposes, or may impose, in our discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure


You agree to defend, release and indemnify IranRoute and all its directors, officers, managers, agents, operators, employees, partners and subsidiaries from any harm, claim, liability, misconduct, loss, limitation, discrediting, expenses and etc. caused by
a. Access to or use of this website and cellphone application
b. Your user account information and activity
c. Your submissions on the website and/or the application
d. The breach of these terms by you or anyone using your computer, mobile device, email address, social media, or login information
e. Your violation of any law or regulation regarding us or a third-party
f. Your interaction with any other user
g. Your use of the website or application and its services


You use this website and application at your own risk. IranRoute is not to be taken liable for any kind of loss, damage or claim after/because of/while/by using this website and application. Also, IranRoute does not guarantee that the website, the related application, provided information or services will exactly meet your requirements, or will be available at any time without interruption or problem. IranRoute does not provide direct services and users are directed to third-party service providers. Therefore, IranRoute is not responsible for the quality of these services.
IranRoute serves as a comprehensive information platform for travelers in the first place, second, as an intermediary between customers and service providers. The information provided to you is updated frequently and you agree to check it regularly. Also, as you are in charge of communication and interaction with the service providers, you agree to be cautious with them and with any other person or party using this website and application. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by other users or third parties. With this agreement we disclaim all kinds of warranty regarding the accuracy of the services, correction of errors, security and reliability of services or the information they provide. We do not guarantee the accuracy and applicability of details about travel itineraries, hotels, accommodations, transport and time. We disclaim responsibility for the actions of the other users. Please take note that warranties are valid only in case they are expressly issued by us.

Limitation of Liability

The third-party service providers such as agents, agencies, hotels, drivers and guides are independent contractors, not employees of IranRoute. Therefore, we disclaim liability for any error, act, misbehavior, mistake, overcharge, cancellation, delay, breach, damage, personal injuries, death, extra expenses caused by or ensued from the cooperation of our partners and service providers. Also, we do not take any responsibility for the decisions and actions of any other company, organization or any government; therefore, we will not make refunds in case anything out of our direct control happens, events such as strikes, force majeure, delay, cancellation, overbooking etc.
Under no circumstances shall we stand liable for any kind of direct or indirect damages resulted from using this site, application, contents, submissions, etc.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

Your privacy and security are important for IranRoute. Any information shared on our website is subject to our privacy policy and will be treated accordingly. Link


Registering on IranRoute requires your personal information which is used for creating a user account (check policies for more information). By logging into accounts, users get access to our services and packages. You agree to provide accurate and complete information regarding your identity while creating a user account, and update this information in case of any change. Access to the content of the website is possible without a user account, albeit limited.
You are responsible for the safety of your computer or mobile device as well as your personal information, account and login information, billing information and your account activity, even if the activity in question was not committed by you. Please take it into consideration that we keep your information secure; however, you must be mindful not to share your account and login information as well as your billing information with anyone, or let any person or party access your account. If your account is used without your authorization, inappropriately or these terms are violated by you or anyone using your account, we may terminate your account. In case you detect any unauthorized use of your account, you must inform us. We shall not be taken responsible for a loss, damage or the abuse of your information, and you agree to indemnify us of any illegal use or change.

Account Termination

Accounts can be terminated without sending a notice to the user for any of the following reasons:
a. Infringing the letter or spirit of any or some of the terms of this agreement
b. Detecting unauthorized or fraudulent uses of your account
c. Harming, harassing, threatening, posing a damage to, or violating the rights of a
third party, user, or business interest
Reactivation of terminated accounts, in case grounded in our firm conviction of any violations by the user, will not be possible. Access to the account is possible only through our express permission. In case you believe there has been a mistake, or the action causing your termination has taken place without your awareness, contact us. Users can also ask IranRoute to delete or terminate their accounts by sending a request to us.
Please note that even in case of termination of accounts, users are still obliged to us under the conditions set by our terms and policies.


Terms of this agreement govern your use of our services. In order to be able to use our services, users must provide accurate and complete information about themselves. Remember any change in your information must be updated on our website. You must be at least 18 years old in order to be able to use our services. Service to underage clients can be provided only through a legal guardian or parent. Additionally, users who are prevented by law or regulation from using a service, will not be given access to the service.
Services are only provided in order to comply with the purposes defined for IranRoute. That is, using our services for commercial purposes, for creating a database whether electronic or printed, or for the benefit of a third-party are considered as unauthorized and are subject to prosecution by law.
Booking flights, bus tickets, train tickets, hotels, activities, tours and purchasing visa and insurance are services of IranRoute. Payments are carried out through our partner YekPay, and any kind of purchase is subject to terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of not only IranRoute, but also all of its partners. The customer is responsible to read terms and conditions and privacy policies of IranRoute and its partners.


IranRoute makes sure travelers can make the most of their time by visiting as many places in a limited amount of time. We provide comprehensive information about the cities, tourist attractions in each city and their nearby places, hotels and restaurants. Information has been collected from valid resources such as books, articles and websites. We have also enjoyed the help of tour guides and local experts to validate our information.
In addition to this, we provide traveling information about flights, hotels, tour packages and help travelers book accommodation and transportation. We use your preferences in order to make package offers. We try to make sure you receive information and a travel itinerary that matches your interests, needs and preferences. However, we cannot guarantee that the offered packages 100% fit your taste and need, or they are available for your chosen destinations. We encourage our users to have a thorough research regarding their destination.
Booking services are provided with our third-party partners and service providers. Please note that we are not responsible for the kind of information and services they provide, its accuracy and changes, and the websites they refer to for additional information. Their information and activities are governed by their own privacy policies, terms and conditions. Therefore, users must check the privacy policies, terms and conditions of our partner websites as well as the websites they link (in case of use) before using them. We do not take any responsibility for problems, losses, damages resulted from using our partner websites or their partners. Together with this, we do not own tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, accommodation, hotels, transportation or vacation activities; therefore, we do not take responsibility for any losses, damages and problems occurred or caused by them. We do not take any responsibility for the accidents, problems, issues, troubles that our users might encounter during the trips, the safety and security of the hotels or using the services offered by third parties, since we do not own any services and are not related to service providers and their ties by any means. Every decision you make regarding your trip is done under your own discretion, you take charge for the risks. Moreover, payments for bookings are processed via our third-party partners’ or service providers’ processing gateways. We do not copy, transcript or hold your billing information.


Users must be at least 18 years of age, in order to be able to book flights, hotels or any other services for themselves. For customers under 18 booking must be completed by parents or a legal guardian.
All users must make sure their provided information is true and accurate. In case of misspelling or any intentional or unintentional mistakes, IranRoute takes no responsibility and errors of whatever sort made in part of the user must be solved by users or with the help of the service providers. In addition to this, you agree to make only legitimate reservations for yourself or anyone that is legally allowed to use our services. You agree not to make fake or fraudulent reservations. IranRoute preserves the right to terminate the membership of users who make such reservations. Please note that members are responsible for their account activities, that is, you must be careful no illegal use is being made of your account, and in case you find out about such a use, report it immediately. However, this does not mean IranRoute and its third party service providers take liability for unauthorized activities or use of your account.
We help our users book flights and hotels with our third party service providers. After completing all the steps for making a reservation, IranRoute redirects users to third-party processing gateways where users’ billing information is required. Please take note that at no point during reservation IranRoute is to be taken responsible as we only work as mediators between service providers and costumers. Therefore, users agree not to make any claims to IranRoute in case a problem arises at any point during reservation. Users must make sure about the date, duration, destination of their trip and the kind of services they’d like to be provided with. Cases of cancellation, misspelling, and overbooking must be dealt with the request of the customer and the help of the service providers, not IranRoute.
IranRoute retains the right to verify the identity of the user. Please make sure the reservation is not unlawful, and cancel or stop reservations which are not available anymore or seem to be unlawful. In case a reservation was available during the process of making the reservations but becomes unavailable for the check-in, the case should be resolved by presenting the reservation receipt to the service provider.

Booking of Third Party Services through IranRoute

IranRoute facilitates your journey by helping you book flights and accommodation. However, it does not own any transportation or accommodation services. All the booking services are provided via our third-party service providers and business partners. Whenever you choose to book a service, you are directed to a third-party website. IranRoute does not take any fees for redirecting and all payments are done via our third-party processing gateways. Any payment is also subject to our thirdparty service providers and by trusting your information to them, you agree to be bound by their terms of use and privacy policies. Please make sure you have read them before entering your information and starting the payment.
Booking travel packages, flight tickets, transportation services and restaurant reservations are made on your sole discretion via our third-party service providers and partners. IranRoute does not take any responsibility for mistakes, cancellation, prices or problems occurred in relation to the services.
IranRoute helps travelers book accommodation or transportation; however, this does not mean that IranRute owns accommodation or transportation. We are supported by third-party service providers who own such services. By offering their services we do not recommend, guarantee, approve of, endorse their services, nor do we take responsibility for the accuracy of their information.
While booking services, IranRoute users are redirected to third-party service provider websites. As such, users become subject to the privacy policies, terms and conditions and generally the rules of service providers. Users agree to read and be informed of these rules, policies, terms and conditions. IranRoute does not take any responsibility for any kind of damage resulting from or caused by the use of thirdparty services; disputes or conflicts resulting from or involving our users with third party service providers must be resolved between the two parties, without the mediation of IranRoute, exempting us from responsibilities. You use the services and/or enter transactions with our partners at your sole discretion.
The terms of this agreement oblige our third party service providers to provide our users with their promised and or advertised services, and our users to pay for the provided services. As such, making refunds is also subject to third party terms and conditions as well as privacy policies.
Further information related third party services such as booking for rental fees, deposits, payment processes and processing methods, cancellation and refunds can be obtained by consulting our third party websites; their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. Please note that making reservations or renting facilities ensue your agreeing to Terms of Use and Privacy Policies; therefore, please make sure you read and understand the mentioned sections on our party webpages before using their services.

Third Party Charges

Our third-party websites and service providers may incur extra charges on the users of our website. By clicking on their links on our website you agree to become subject to their own terms and conditions, and be charged for using certain content or services. We encourage you to read through all the third-party website policies, terms and conditions in order to make sure you are aware of all the charges and expenses. IranRoute is not responsible for the content and services provided by thirdparty websites.

Links to third-party sites

Hyper-links to our third-party websites are provided on our websites in order to facilitate your access to further information and use of services. Please note that by doing so, we do not wish to endorse a product or service. Choosing to enter these websites is 100% committed by your own discretion as we don’t own them and do not control their policies and terms of use. You should beware of, and take precautions against links or software that contain viruses, worms or destructive measures that may harm your device.


IranRoute provides spaces where users can leave reviews and comments for hotels, destination, services, and reach for the servers for further support. All the reviews, comments, pictures, videos, GIFs and audio files shared or uploaded on our website or application, containing your idea, description, report, preference, review, questions or emails to our servers are considered as submissions. Submissions on our website, application or email become a property of IranRoute, that is, we can use, publish, translate, distribute, change, copy or publicly display royalty free submissions for whatever purposes, following our privacy policies. With this agreement, you agree that the submissions are generic and non-confidential. You also agree that breaching the terms of this agreement, and violating IranRoute’s rights in submissions are pursued by law.As a user, you are responsible for the use of the area and do so at your own risk. You must be careful for the content of the comments or reviews and you agree that your submissions do not contain or apply to any of the following:a. Content that advocates unhealthy, aggressive and negative online community; that is, content which promotes hatredb. Content which may insult, discriminate, humiliate, offend or threaten any person, group, cultural organization, religious or political units etc.c. Morally and ethically wrong contentd. Content that violates a person’s or party’s intellectual property, privacy policies, terms of usee. Any text, information, music, picture, sound, video, code, GIF, etc., that are false, abusive, unlawful, defamatory, offensive, vulgar, threatening, violating or misrepresenting the rights held by individuals, groups, organizations, governments, and any other bodiesf. Attempts to advertise or spread propaganda for or against any cause, political party, etc. Commercial advertisements and activities of all kinds are also considered as unwelcome.g. Copying, replicating and reproducing the content produced or uploaded by another userh. Content encouraging illegal activitiesi. Content violating propriety rights for any partyj. Attempts to impersonate any parties or misrepresenting their identitiesk. Content violating the privacy of anyone or spreading their private informationl. Harmful and disruptive files such as viruses, worms or Trojan horsesm. Content which make an authorized use of other users’ login and accountinformation, misrepresenting yourself, pretending you are another user for submissionsn. Content violating any applicable law or regulationo. Content violating and/or infringing intellectual property, privacy policies, terms and conditions of a person or partyp. Content with unrelated informationIranRoute is not to be held responsible for any of the submissions of the users. However, even though we don’t pre-screen your content, any submitted content spotted to be violating the terms of this agreement will be removed without a notice. Hereby you agree that no personal information, of yours or another party, will be shared in your submissions nor will you require it from other users. You must submit such information only in case required by us for extended support. You agree that your submissions do not violate any of the terms set above and you will not make any claims in case your submitted content is removed by IranRoute because of infringing the terms of this agreement. Once content is submitted to IranRoute, users give us a royalty-free and non-exclusive right to replicate, use, publish, edit, change and omit the submitted content; whether it is submitted to us or our partners. Violating the terms set above regarding submissions can result in termination of your user account.Please note that the information provided by submissions are completely subjective and we do not guarantee their accuracy and safety, nor can we approve if they provide useful information. We do not accept or deny, recommend or endorse any submission or guarantee that submissions do not contain any offence, harm, abusive message or falsehood. Thus, with this agreement you agree not to take IranRoute responsible for the content of our users’ submissions, and renounce your rights against us concerning those submissions.Please note that with this agreement you also agree not to have any claims against the rights of IranRoute as an author and creator of its content.

Software available on this website and application

The software made available for download on our website is subject to the copyrights of IranRoute.

Intellectual Property and Propriety Rights

IranRoute and its licensors own and have registered the website, application, all the trademarks, service marks, logos and tradenames. All the content of the website and application, including the texts, images, videos, sounds, database, as well as the codes which have made writing of the website and application possible, are produced by IranRoute; thus, they are subject to IranRoute’s intellectual property and propriety rights. Moreover, the graphic design and visual aspects of the website and application are all considered as our trademarks. IranRoute has also made use of trademarks, tradenames, logos and service marks which are the property of our partners and service providers, hence, registered by them. By making references to trademarks, product names, companies, or logos, IranRoute does not wish to make endorsements or recommendations.
IranRoute does not authorize any use of the content in any form and/or by any means. No one or party has the authorization to copy, publish, adapt, imitate, change, transfer, transmit, download, broadcast, post, share, sell, display or perform these contents or registered properties in public. Even notifying us of the use of our content does not suffice and does not mean you have gained our permission. Infringing the intellectual property of our website and/or application is prosecutable by law.
In case you detect an infringement of your or our brand, please let us know by writing to us.

Modification of Privacy Policies, Terms and conditions

IranRoute maintains the right to update and modify its website, application or the policies, terms and conditions, without notifying the users. The date of the last update or change will be included at the end of this agreement. As users, make sure you check on the updates and changes. If you continue using the website and application, it implies that you agree with the new policies and terms. In case you do not agree to be bound by these, it is better for you to stop using the website and the application.

Local Guides

As a local guide, you confirm that your qualifications meet all the requirements, your provided information is valid and proved by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran. In case you fail to provide the required documents or do not meet the required qualifications, you will not be allowed to use our website and application as a local guide nor have any claims against us in case we remove your account.

General Provisions

The terms of this agreement are governed by the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition to this, your conduct will also be subject to international law. Actions in line of infringement or violation of these terms will be brought to court in …. . In addition to this, provisions of the present agreement which are not enforceable by law will be replaced by enforceable provisions which can achieve the effect of the replaced provision.
Please take into consideration that we track unauthorized and unapproved activities through our third party services. We also cooperate with law enforcement bodies and courts, requiring disclosure of personal information, as well as online behavior and activities of users who have violated or infringed the terms of this agreement.