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All You Need to Know about Online Booking Hotel in Iran

Type of accommodations in Iran

Tourists in Iran can choose to stay in hostels, hotels (from one star to five stars in some cities), traditional hotels, apartment hotels, ecolodges, campings and traditional guest houses. In addition to this, many Iranians are members of couch-surfing and open the doors of their houses for tourists but couch-surfing isn’t illegal and it’s forbidden by government in Iran. Travel insurances do not cover your stay in such residences. Therefore, you cannot have any claims about accidents of any sorts that may happen during your stay at these houses. For the most incredible experience of staying in Iran, we recommend the local houses and eco-lodges which have been renovated and designed in a way that tourists feel comfortable in their experience of living like a local in Iran.

Cost of Hotels & Hostels in Iran

Generally speaking, It’s easy to find the best value budget hotels in the main cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. The cost of most accomodations in Iran is affordable for an one-night stay in hotels or hostels. Here, you can find an quote of budget accommodations in Iran:

Ecolodges : From € 10Guest Houses: From € 7Two Star Hotels: From € 12For Star Hotels: From € 40
Hostel: From € 7Boutique Hotels: From € 45Three Star Hotels: From € 25Five Star Hotels: From € 55

Book a Hotel or Hostels in Iran

It is possible to book your hotels or hostel directly at some hotel’s websites or via IranRoute's Online Service. We strongly advise you to book your ticket via legal Online Travel Agencies in Iran, because no price guarantee and online 24/7 support service is provided for the travelers who book the hotel or hostel via other ways specially during high season in Iran. Please note that when you're traveling in Iran, you can not pay your booking fee by Visa or MasterCard due to the current sanctions. However, if you are in Iran and prefer to pay by Visa or MasterCard via IranRoute's Online Service, you should use a secure VPN to be able to pay the fee.

The Worst Time to Book Hotels & Hostels in Iran

Generally, the spring and autumn are the best time to visit Iran, but travelers on limited budgets should avoid to book their hostels or hostels during these seasons in Iran due to high prices and limitation of hotel availabilities. During high seasons and official holidays in Iran, especially around Nowruz (the Iranian New Year Holiday in March), it is difficult to book hotel and hostels. Therefore, we advise you to book your hotels or hostels well ahead (at least 2 months) of the busy days of high seasons or official holidays.

Unmarried Couples Can Stay at Hotels & Hostels Together in Iran

If You are travelling as an unmarried couple in Iran, we recommend you to stay at hotels, hostels or officially licensed local houses. At hostels, an Iranian man is not allowed to stay in the same room with a foreign woman, unless they are married. However, For foreign men, women and unmarried couples together, there are no limitations to stay in the same room or share a room. As for the hostels, most of them have women-only and men-only rooms; however, some of the hostels, guest houses and ecolodges also have mixed, dormitory and shared rooms.

Sleeping at Ecolodges & Traditional Guest Houses in Iran

In Iran, More people sleep on the floor than in beds. At the ecolodges and traditional guest houses, the most of bedrooms are designed in traditional fashion with no bed (guests should sleeping on the floor) and a shared bathroom. Some of the bedrooms are designed as a master room with double or triple beds. Therefor if you don’t like to sleep on the floor or use of the shared bathroom, you first need to ask of ecolodge’s staffs about your room or read description of the rooms carefully for these accommodations. Please note, type of toilet is Squat toilet in most of the guest houses and ecolodges, now fortunately, all of them but the cheapest ecolodges supply toilet paper too, though sometimes you’ll need to ask.