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Tourist Attractions In Iran

  • Route NameThe Journey Through the Most Visited Attractions in Qazvin
  • ThemeArchitecture/Religious and Epic/Eastern Bazaar
  • Duration3 hr(s) and 30 min(s)

The Journey Through the Most Visited Attractions in Qazvin

Having been located on the crossroads of important routes crossing over Iran, Qazvin is a prosperous city. You can visit the Congregational Mosque of Qazvin which was built over an ancient fire temple. As one of the oldest mosques of Iran, this mosque bears the touch of architectural styles from various periods of Iran’s history. After here, the Chehel Sotun Palace is a good place to visit. It was constructed with the command of the Safavid king, Shah Tahmasb, on the onset of acknowledging Qazvin as the capital city of Iran. While the mosque and the palaces are crucial for the strength of a city, bazaars are indispensable. Thanks to its unique location, Qazvin has enjoyed the presence of a prosperous bazaar for about one thousand years. Here you can also see the famous Caravanserai of Saad al-Saltaneh which was built on a square plan in the Qajar era. End your journey with Masjed al-Nabi, which boasts a two-layered dome and exquisite inscriptions from the 18th century.

  • Jameh Mosque of Qazvin
  • Chehel Sotun Palace of Qazvin
  • Saray-e Saad al-Saltaneh
  • Masjed al-Nabi (Masjed Shah)
  • Route NameA Travel Guide to a City of Safavid Era (Qazvin)
  • ThemeArchitecture
  • Duration1 hr(s) and 30 min(s)

Qazvin, the City Welcomes Its Visitors

The city of Qazvin used to be surrounded by a fortress which gave access to the city via nine gates. Unfortunately, only two of these gates have remained to this day. Visit Darbe Kushk Gate in the north of Qazvin. It is finely decorated with elaborate tilework welcoming those coming to the town. After here, visit the Hussainiyeh Aminiha, a house which was also used for religious purposes. The final point of this route is the Tehran Gate located in the south-east of Qazvin,  which used to protect the city against the attacks of the neighboring cities. 

  • Darvazeh Darb-e Kushk
  • Hossainiyeh Aminiha
  • Darvazeh Tehran
  • Route NameThe Legendary Tour of the Alamut Castle & Alamut Valley
  • ThemeArchitecture/Hiking and Climbing
  • Duration24 hr(s)

The Legendary Tour of the Alamut Castle & Alamut Valley

Only a small distance from Qazvin, the footprints of history are visible on an altitude of 2163 meters. In Rudbar region in the north-east of Qazvin, on a piece of land where mountains claim the sky, a solo high rising rock shelters the remains of the once magnificent fort, constructed in the ancient times. The name of the fort, Alamut, associates with the name of Hasan-e Sabbah who seized the fortress and made it the ruling center of the  Nizari Isma'ilism. The site is ideal for a day trip for those who don’t mind being on the road and hiking.

  • Alamut Valley